Keep Grand Prairie Green; Programs to Help keep the City Green and Beautiful

The Government of Grand Prairie made the reducing of greenhouse gas emissions, a high priority mission.  They encourage recycling, reuse of existing materials, and the remanufacturing of facilities, vehicles, and appliances.  Through using “green” technologies to accomplish this, it will also protect the environment and through that, benefit the whole of the community and all its residents.

By implementing programs that include the whole of the community, the city government works towards the goal of protecting the city’s environment for the wellbeing of its citizens and future generations to live in Grand Prairie.

City Programs to Promote Conservation of the Environment:

  1. Events and Classes; to make each and every one more knowledgeable in the role they can play in keeping their living “green”.


Composting classes

Harvesting Rainwater classes

Gardening classes; being water wise


Shredding days for Documents

Hazardous waste; household collection days

Tours to make you Water Wise

  1. Beautification Programs; helping to keep Grand Prairie a beautiful city.

Adopt-A-Stream, Cemetery or Street:  And then work towards keeping the adoptive area clean and well kept.  All of this is helping towards keeping the whole Grand Prairie, naturally beautiful.

Keep your Campus Clean and stay Green:  A clean environment helps to keep the environment safe and looking beautiful.

  1. Conservation; can be achieved through planning and management.

Floodplain Management

Storm-water; managing of Quality

Water Conservation Planning and Management

  1. Energy Saving; is everyone’s job. Even a little saving goes a long way.

Hybrid Vehicles:  That is able to use traditional fuel, but can also run on battery, electric power not derived from fossil fuels.  This means less greenhouse gas emissions.

Methane Gas project:  Natural gas is regarded as a more environmentally friendly way to generate electricity.

Windmills:  Wind energy can be converted into electric energy and used in multiple ways, to charge batteries, etc.  For windmills to make a larger contribution to power, you will need larger windmills and more of them.

These are only a few of the programs and events that Grand Prairie is implementing to keep their city beautiful and conserve their environment for future generations.